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Here I am sitting on the upper level of the Colleseum.

Here's another example of why to pay the extra fee to access more of the sightseeing particulars.

In addition to the spectacular view from above, as I was walking around the upper level I noticed a full scale replica of what the Colleseum used to look like made out of ivory, behind protective glass.

This model was a complete full scale replica of the Colleseum in it's heyday......

......full complete circular form (we know that eventually, the people of Rome started taking the bricks, to build houses for themselves). I hung around the second floor for a good long while, reveling in the atmosphere and amassing photographs.


Here's a view of the Forum across the street (taken from the upper level of the colleseum). The Forum was the political center of the Roman Empire in that time. There were many ruins of the different temples erected to commemorate the Cesars and gods and goddesses.

I'm constantly amazed with the aspect of the Colleseum.

To think about what those crazy Ceasars did in those days makes me sick!!!

There are more stories than just gladiators killing each other (somewhat reminiscent of modernday organized boxing.....take that Don King!!!) and throwing the Christians to the lions.

Many exotic animals were brought in for the killing shows (poor innocent animals!!!)

There is documentation that one of the Cesars flooded out the colleseum (although no documentation on how) to stage naval battles for the crowds. (Amazing!)

Supposedly on a whim, one of the crazy Ceasars locked the senators and general populace in by using armed guards, and held them all captive because he wasn't pleased with their reactions to the spectacles that day. It was a scorching hot day, no access to drinks............many people passed out from heatstroke!

Now this is a really amazing tale. One of the crazy Cesars liked to stage the Greek myths. One tale of mythology tells the story of human woman falling in love with a god, who took the form of a bull when he came to earth. In the myth they made love.............but in the middle of the colleseum......obviously the bull killed the woman...........I don't even want to know how......or what happened!!!!!! It sounds tragic enough!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes............ oh yeah........I saw Caligula!!!!!!!!!!!!

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