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These photographs are of the Vatican and Saint Peter's Basilica.

The Vatican is across The Tiber River from ancient Rome.

In the classical period, the site of the Basilica was occupied by Nero's circus.

The obelisk in the center came from Heliopolis and was brought to Rome by the emperior Caligula.


Since 1929, the year in which the Lateran Treaty was stipulated between the Holy See and the Italian State, the Vatican City has been an independent sovereign state and it contains exceedingly important and valuable examples of art and architecture.

The Vatican State is completely independent of the Italian state, even though they maintain extremely friendly relations.

The Vatican prints its own postage stamps, has its own railroad station, and a well-known newspaper, the "Osservatore Romano". The city also has its own police force.

I toured the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel, and of course the exhibits on display in the Treasury.

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