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Here I am in front of the Duomo (or Cathedral) in Milan.

Timing-wise, it was quite a coincidence that about a week before leaving for Europe, I saw Gianni Versace's funeral services in the Duomo on television.

So when I entered the Duomo it was sort of a deja vu experience!

The Duomo is the largest monument in Milan and the most gigantic and complex Gothic building in Italy! The colossal undertaking was started in 1386 and required centuries of work and the contribution of many generations.

After viewing the interior, I walked up several hundred steps to get to the terraces. Up on the terraces, one can view the rooftops of Milan and the sprawling city, and you get a better sense of the size of this vast building.

This next photograph here is the front of the world famous operahouse La Scala.

In front of the building is the Monument to Leonardo da Vinci by Pietro Magni.

This building was begun in 1553.

La Scala is the world's most famous opera house not only because of the high level of its performances, but also because it is the testing ground for all the world's singers and musicians.

It represents the final goal and highest aspiration of every opera singer.

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