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More and more travel opportunities are being directed exclusively at seniors and retirees, and some of the information on the World Wide Web about these destinations, services and packages may actually save mature vacationers a little money.

If you're a member of the American Association of Retired Persons, or are thinking about joining, check out their travel section:

American Association of Retired Persons

You'll find tours, discounts, travel stories and a bulletin board where you can exchange tips and information with other members.

A nonprofit organization called Elderhostel


offers what it calls "educational adventures" for singles and couples around the United States and the world, classes and field trips in places from Vermont to Vietmnam. There are even scholarships available for some programs in the United States.

If you are more interested in the adventure than the education, take a look at the tours arranged by Eldertreks


a Canadian travel company specializing in travelers 50 and over.

No matter where you're planning to travel, check to see if your carrier has senior discounts. For example, at Amtrak


you can click on "special offers" to learn about the senior citizen discount program.

United Airlines has a Silver Wings Plus program for people 55 and over

United Airlines Silverwingsplus

TWA has a Senior Travel Pak

TWA Senior Travel Pak

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