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Select a hotel with fewer than 100 rooms, on a well trafficked street, with active businesses.

Look for a small lobby, with a reception and concierge desk near the front door and/or the elevators, with privacy space between guests checking in and those waiting.

Room numbers should be written on key envelope, not mentioned aloud, and not printed on the key.

Amenities like parking and gyms should be attended at times when you might need them. Parking lots should be well-lit and secured.

There should be sufficient staff to walk you to your room late at night. A tea room usually means there are frequent women guests.

Ask a female employee (not in reservations) if she walks in the area at night.

Your room should be near the elevators and away from the emergency exit, which can be left opened by those trying to bypass the elevators.

Door should have double locks and a bar lock. Avoid ground floor rooms, catwalks and terraces.

Do not use the "Maid Clean" sign - call housekeeping if necessary.

Use the "Privacy Please" sign to signal that your room is occupied.

Put expensive clothing on hangers under other clothing, put valuables in the safe and lock large items like laptops in your suitcase.

Ask the concierge booking your restaurant to say, "Please take care of her, she is coming alone and will need a taxi home."

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