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Here I am with the Blue Mosque as my backdrop.

Another entrance to the Blue Mosque..........

What a spectacular and breathtaking view!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be sure to have your telephoto lens for your camera on hand so you can bring the structures in closer!!!!!

The photograph in the postcard below is of Hagia Sophia (which means Sacred Wisdom).

Hagia Sophia is the most reknowned Byzantine cathedral and the best knowned Christian church in Istanbul.

Due to the many earthquakes in Turkey, there have been many restorations to Hagia Sophia, (some of which have made things worse for the structure!!!)

The dome remains at an angle, and our tour guide pointed out that the next "really big" earthquake there could topple the dome roof once and for all.

History reveals many conquests and occupations of this part of the world, and much of the valuable artifacts that were in Hagia Sophia have long since been pillaged by the conquerors.

In the northern nave is the socalled "sweating column", of porous marble which absorbed water from a cistern below.

The damp absorbed by the column can be felt by placing the hand in a hole in the shaft which has been worn into it, and is framed in bronze.

Even in Byzantine times this piller was considered miraculous.

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