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When this woman noticed I was taking photographs, she quickly ducked out of sight!!!

Most notably, feedback from the visitors to my Web Pages has indicated that they have taken exception to my previously published statements prompted by the above photograph.

My appologies for any bad feelings caused possibly by my generalizations.

If I may use a cliche........"you live and learn".

Apparently, this attire is worn only by a very few in the minority.

They explained to me that this dress has even been prohibited since the 1920's.

And, someone pointed out to me that the prohibition is enforced at universities, schools and public offices.

There are of course, some "ultra-religious" people in Turkey, (just as you'd find in any country), who continue to dress this way.

But it should not be construed as a generalization that most women dress this way, because in fact, they don't!

It was also pointed out to me that contrary to what I previously thought, (and published in my Web Pages before), women are definitely NOT relegated to the status of second class citizens (like they do in the Islamic third world countries such as Iraq or Iran).

In fact, (and I didn't know this before), Turkey has even already had a woman as Prime Minister!!!

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