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The ruins of Ephesus, in Kusadasi, reveal a fairly advanced civilization for 4000 years ago.

In the photograph below that I took, you can see the one remaining upright wall to the entrance of the city's market.

Can you imagine that?

Public toilets four thousand years ago!!!!!

That's right.

Our tour guide explained that this was the men's toilet area.

Try to picture the city fathers siting alongside each other some morning, doing their business, and chating and conducting the affairs and business of the city.

What a concept!!!!!!!

Here is a photograph of the living areas.

One family right next door to the next.

Kind of looks like our modernday condominiums, doesn't it?

Now get this!!!

The photograph below is of the ampitheater from 4000 years ago.

It has withstood the many earthquakes that occur in this part of the world.

But guess what has now shaken the foundations of the ampitheater so badly that it is now off limits to tourists, and is teetering on the verge of collapse.

A couple of years back, Tina Turner and Brian Adams had a rock concert here in Kusadasi, and they used this ampitheater.

Apparently, the loud speakers of a rock concert were too much for this structure to bear!

How unfortunate!!!!!!!!!!!!

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